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KB Productions is here to produce high quality audio and video at a lower cost than you might expect. We offer affordable recording, mixing, mastering, and production for musicians, singers, and song writers in the Bemidji, and Northern Minnesota area. We specialize in audio mixing, mastering, and band promotional video production.
      Recording technology has come a long way in recent years. As a result professional level sound recording has become more affordable and accessible. But knowing how to use the technology in order to achieve top notch results is another thing. With our experience in both the music and production worlds, we can help you achieve a much higher quality look and sound than you might expect. We can record in any live venue, or even your own living room, garage, or back yard.
      The nice thing about KB Productions is that we don't have the overhead and expense of a larger studio facility, and can charge you much less for the use of equipment and time than a conventional studio. We also have a small, but fully featured, acoustically treated recording space, if you prefer to come to us.

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