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Pastor George (Boomer) Collins

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Just a short note from my heart to let you know what LAMB, Inc is about.  I have been in the ministry for over 20 years.  I have always preached that every pastor ought take a short term mission trip at least once a year to help maintain a global focus on world missions.  I had never been able to make that a reality in my life and ministry until 1996.

The first mission trip was proof of what I had been preaching.  It changed my whole world view of what missions was all about.  Since 1996 I have made many more short term mission trips and it is always new and refreshing every time I go.

Two years ago God gave me a vision for an organization that would have a virtual office (just a computer and a board of managers) that would be able to function any place in the world.  I shared this vision with a friend and brother in Christ and he had been given the same vision.  Together we formed LAMB, Inc which is a nonprofit organization that reaches into the Latin American countries by providing humanitarian care for people in need.

Matthew 9 and 10, John 4 and 9 are a crucial link to all the Great Commission verses in Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 21.  Every time we minister to literally hundreds of people on these trips it gives a sense of experiencing the heart throb of the Master and a momentary sense of fulfillment as we do our part in the Great Commission mandate.

I would like to share more but this is it for now.  The rest of the story is in the pictures and the team testimonies connected to the various links on the different brigades.  I trust you will look at them and read the stories and see the joy in the mission team workers and that one day, you too, will want to be a part of LAMB, Inc as we go to another part of the world for the glory of God.  In Christ, because He lives, so shall we... Pastor Boomer


Jim Berge

jim3 (11K)When Pastor Boomer and I began discussing an organization like LAMB, it stirred something inside me. I have long had a love of the Spanish language, the Spanish-speaking peoples of this planet, their culture and yes, their food! I am not the in-your-face evangelist type...more like the guy behind the scenes that loves to see evangelists like Boomer in action. So I said "Yes, Boomer, I have that same vision...and yes, I'll join with you." Since then, God has helped to arrange the details that have formed LAMB, Inc.

My first short-term mission trip was a moving experience. No thunderbolts, no earth-shaking words from God, just a conviction that this was a very good thing...providing humanitarian care to those who needed it and had no way of providing it for themselves.

I am constantly reminded of the words in the book of James that state “faith without works is dead”. If I see someone with a need, and merely say “Go, keep warm and well fed”, but do nothing for his needs, then my faith is worthless. LAMB is a way to meet the physical needs of the people, exactly as Christ did by healing and casting out demons, which in turn opens the door for an offer of spiritual healing as well.

I have had people tell me that the job seems futile...for every infected tooth that gets pulled, there’s a thousand more out there that are still in need. How can my little efforts make a difference? I tell them, “For that one person, whom God loves and cares about, it made a big difference.” Especially so if they become believers in Christ, the one on whom the vision and purpose of LAMB is founded.

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