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Children & Youth

“Inasmuch as you have done it…

Child being fed

unto one of the least of these…

child on street

you’ve done it unto me.”

Dorthy washes girls hair

Dorothy washes the hair of a lovely young Ecuadorian girl.

For those who love kids, there is no better place to be than a L.A.M.B. brigade. Jesus taught us to pay attention to children, to love them, to supply their needs. We focus on the needs of children primarily through lice ministry and children’s ministry.

No, the lice ministry does not minister to lice! It ministers to kids who may have lice in their hair, a common affliction among poor people in many Latin American countries. The lice patrol is probably the most hands-on work in the brigade.

Team members wash kids’ hair with lice shampoo to kill the lice and their eggs. Although some are shy, most kids are excited about the process, and have friendly struggles to be next in line.

child playing with water stream from mothers hairchild and mothers hair

This youngster watches while his mom gets her hair washed, and he plays with the water streaming from her hair.

Often, an adult will also want to have a beauty treatment. This kindly woman below had her hair washed by Katie.

women gets her hair washed

Then Katie walked around before the woman, knelt down and washed her feet. Those who witnessed it described it as a very touching act of servitude. Later that evening at dinner, Katie told the group how God had simply told her to wash the woman’s feet. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

child getting hair rinsed

We typically encourage brigade workers to avoid drowning the children while they wash their hair:

After their hair is clean and hopefully lice-free, the girls get braids and other hairdos, while the boys get their hair combed. This is the chance for brigade members to tell the young girls how pretty they are, and the boys how handsome they look.

girls getting hair braidedafter the shampoo treatment

During the busy times of the day, for instance immediately after school is dismissed, the lice ministry can become very busy, like an assembly line.

The lice ministry is the perfect ministry for kid-lovers, but all are encouraged to try it. Even big, tough Gringo men enjoy ministering to these beautiful children, who are always happy and full of joy.

Each child who gets the royal lice treatment also attends the children’s program, where bible stories are told and the children have an opportunity to make God a part of their lives.

childrenand adults watch skit

Even the adults listen to the children’s stories. The message is the same for all – God loves you, and has a purpose and a plan for your life.

children listen

Whether serving on lice patrol, telling stories, playing games or just hugging and holding the children, there is room on a L.A.M.B. brigade for kid lovers of all ages.

group listens to presentation child gets hair washed

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