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Children & Youth

Most agree that working in the dentistry is one of the most rewarding jobs during a brigade. The Honduran ďdentistasĒ are wonderful, godly women who make it a joy to assist them. Although brigade members do not pull teeth or perform other dental maneuvers, they do assist the dentistas with many important tasks.

Here, Lizeth is training a group of Gringos at the beginning of the day. Assistants load anesthetics into the syringes, hand the proper instruments to the dentistas at the proper time, restock supplies, and sterilize the instruments between patients.

gringos being trained by local dentist

The brigade members also hold the patientís head during extractions and cleanings. We donít have the luxury of reclining dentistís chairs. The doctor and the patient sit on lawn chairs, and the assistant comforts the patient, and may be asked to pray for the patient. Itís a hands-on job.

holding the head of boy getting novacaine shot

This young boy is getting a shot of Novacaine. Ouch!

patient receives a suture after tooth extraction

It can get a little bloody at times. Here a patient receives a suture, after an extraction left a large vacancy.

Some patients are in extreme pain when they come to the brigades, and some have infections. Many have no other way to receive the dental care they need. Most are very thankful that they can find relief from their pain at a L.A.M.B. brigade. L.A.M.B. provides personal hands-on care to those who are desperately in need.

extracted teeth

Notice the huge cavities in the teeth above.

dentists and their assistents

Close bonds of friendship are forged in the dentistry which can last a lifetime. Pictured above are Lizeth, ?, ?, Scarleth and Santiago (Jim).

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