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Susanna’s Testimonial

Do you want to change your life? We live in a country with wealth and abundant blessing - only we can’t always see it. Do you want a new perspective that alters not only your world view but also your heart?

Sue doing hair

Mission trips to Latin America have done this for me. As I have gazed into the eyes of a soul seeking peace and love, I can tell them I know the answer- Jesus! As I have washed the hair of lice infested children, I am reminded of Jesus’ love and the fact that He made them in His image. As I have seen the smile on the face of a new Christian, I realize this is all that matters.

Life is simple and earthly pleasures are few in most of the cities in Latin America - but Jesus makes the difference. Sharing Christ outside my comfort zone brings to life the call to be salt. Mathew 5:13a-Jesus says,” You are the salt of the earth.” Maybe I needed to get out of the salt shaker to see what I have and to see what God wants to share. Maybe you need to get out of the salt shaker too! Missions are the privilege of every Christian.

Susanna Collins

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