Sample Recordings
(blues/rock) Acoustic Smoke:
(folk/rock) Acoustic Smoke:
(classical) Debbie Center:

Sample Recordings
(folk/blues) Tony Furtado:
(folk/pop) Caleb Hawely:

 Who You Really Are
Circuit Rider
 Recuerdos De La Alhambra

 Cypress Grove
 Where Did the Flame Go

 Mixing Samples
(folk/pop) Jaris Cole:
 Tracks provided by David Glenn

(rock/pop) Ash Gale:
 Tracks provided by David Glenn

(worship/hiphop) Redimi2:
 Tracks provided by David Glenn

(alt/pop) Charlie Peacock:
 Tracks via mix contest

(funk/soul) Mayfield:
 Tracks provided by David Glenn

(ambient) Pat Riegert:
 Tracks provided by Pat Riegert studio

 Raw files compared to my mix/master
 Chosen Raw tracks no poduction
 Chosen My Mix

 Sing My Way Raw tracks no poduction
 Sing My Way My Mix

 Aulylua Amen Raw tracks no poduction
 Aulylua Amen My Mix

 Lie Down in the Grass Stems Peacock's recording
 Lie Down in the Grass My Mix

 Watcha Gonna Do Raw tracks no poduction
 Watcha Gonna Do My Mix

 Awestruck Original Mix
 Awestruck My Mix (drums recorded at KB studio)

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