Web Design:
KB Productions also specializes in small scale Web design. My philosophy as a designer is to focus on the effective presentation of information. I believe that the quality of the content is represented not only by well written text but also by attractive graphics and tasteful layout. Each page should be visually interesting, free of clutter, and comfortable to read.
     My goal is to create sites that are easy to navigate and quick to find information on, pages that download fast yet are stimulating to the eye, and content that is enjoyable to read, and easy to comprehend. I aim to build sites that communicate the personality of the individual, organization, or business in a friendly yet professional manner.

Some of my more recent work includes the site you are currently on as well as a few samples below:
     Acoustic Smoke
     The Brothers Burn Mountain
     Innovative American Marketing
     LAMB: Latin America Medical Bergades

Web Design

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