High Quality Mixing Services range from $49 to $99 per song. This will depend on the number of tracks and the complexity of the recording. Go here to check out the quality of my mixes. I think you'll find these prices to be a great deal for the quality of the mix you will receive. You will end up with a wav file that has also been mastered, but if you prefer to have your mastering completed elsewhere I can provide a suitable wav file ready for mastering as well.

General use of the studio at an hourly rate is $25 an hour. That includes my time in production, mixdown, and mastering.

1 day session - 8 hours of recording time: $175
2 or more consecutive day sessions - 8 hours of recording time each day: $150 for each session.
Both packages do not include mixdown and mastering unless there is enough time to accomplish this after the recording is done.
If you live a good distance from Bemidji, compensation for millage and/or night accommodations may be required.

Live Audio Pricing
Live Video Pricing
Mastering Pricing
We have access to a rentable music venue that is the perfect place to record a great looking live music vidoe. Please contact us with any questions about price and availability.

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