Live Audio Pricing
Below are some general pricing guidelines. The actually price will depend on the circumstances of each recording session. Go here for video pricing.
Raw Wav files of show or event, ready for mixing, and mastering $80
This price applies as long as the event is not over 3 hours long. Any further processing, editing, or production will be extra, including mixing (when needed), mastering, burning CDs, DVDs, uploads to the Internet etc..
Other basic pricing
$10 mixing for each song. $1 per track is added for any additional tracks beyond the first two. So if I mix 10 tracks down the cost would be $18 per song.
$10 for analog mastering of each song.
$50 minimum charge for any live recording session.
Note* The raw unedited, or fully mastered files can be delivered to you in whatever audio format you request, either over the Internet, shipped CDs or DVDs.

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