Live Video Pricing
Below are some general pricing guidelines. The actually price will depend on the circumstances of each recording session. Go here for audio only pricing.
Audio and video recording of local show or event: $100.
$150 for two camera, more than one angle, shoot.

These prices apply as long as the event is not over 3 hours long. Any processing, editing, or production will be extra, including mixing and mastering of audio (necessary before syncing to video is possible), DVDs creation, Internet uploads etc.. As an exmaple, the average cost of a 5 minute, band promo video, with two camera angles, will run around $500.
Other basic video pricing
Some audio pricing may apply first before any video can be produced. Mainly mixing fees in the case of multi-track recording.
$15 mastering of each song and syncing it to the video.
Any video production, uploading to the Internet, or DVD creation is priced according to the complexity of the job.
$70 minimum charge for any live video recording session.
Note* The video files can be delivered to you in whatever format you request, either over the Internet, or shipped DVD.

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